Multiple wick options for fragrance and insecticide delivery systems

From household fragrances to insecticide products, homeowners know the importance of keeping their homes smelling clean and pest-free. Our customized wick solutions – using either porous fiber or sintered particles depending on your delivery and release requirements - assure your fragrance carrier, insecticide, or scent attractant delivers optimal performance regardless of the application.

Pest control

Pest Control

Pests can wreak havoc on homes and agricultural operations. Specifically developed to your insecticide or scent attractant design needs, POREX® sintered particle and porous fiber wicks are customized for many temperatures, shapes and colors to deliver optimal performance of plug-in insecticides, heated insecticides, and scent attraction products.

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Ambient Air Freshener

Fragrance Delivery

Homeowners know how a fresh, clean scent defines their families and impacts a home. Offering the broadest array of fragrance delivery wicks in the industry, Porex provides multiple wick options to achieve your fragrance delivery design needs, including plug-in air fresheners, ambient air fresheners, reed diffusers, toilet fresheners, and carbon odor eliminators.

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