Porex Introduces Self-Contained Filtration Systems for Faster, More Convenient Sample Preparation


(Fairburn, GA – October 31, 2018) –Porex has developed self-contained filtration systems that collect, filter, transfer and store samples in single, multi-function devices.  This cutting-edge technology minimizes the need for different sample preparation materials and speeds up operations for diagnostics applications.


Part of the “Collection to Detection” suite of diagnostics innovations within Porex’s diverse life sciences portfolio, the POREX SQ-EASY and POREX TRANS-IT SQ-EASY are disposable devices engineered to provide optimal off-line sample preparation for clinical and molecular diagnostic tests, PCR methodologies, DNA and RNA extraction procedures and rapid test kits.


The all-in-one devices utilize components including a cap closure, filter tip and sample tube that together provide start-to-finish functionality within sample preparation. As a result, the systems eliminate the need for laboratory professionals to use multiple products throughout the various stages of the preparation process, thus increasing the speed of their operations and potentially decreasing cost.


Both the POREX SQ-EASY and POREX TRANS-IT SQ-EASY are designed for use with blood, serum, plasma and urine, as well as viscous samples including stool, saliva and nasopharyngeal substances. Additionally, the POREX TRANS-IT SQ-EASY allows for inter- and intra-laboratory transport of a filtered sample with liquid-tight, interlocking components (including a screw-cap positive closure) that helps prevent sample leakage and interference from contaminants.


“Initial sample preparation is critical for achieving accurate, reliable results in diagnostics, and the integrated systems of the POREX SQ-EASY and POREX TRANS-IT SQ-EASY enable professionals in clinical and laboratory settings to maintain sample integrity while quickening operations and reaching faster diagnosis,” said Chandra Umapathy, global marketing director for biosciences at Porex. “Innovations like these are key examples of the ways in which Porex continues to make testing more seamless for the demanding diagnostics applications our customers face worldwide.”


Watch the POREX SQ-EASY and POREX TRANS-IT SQ-EASY in action here, and learn about POREX’s overall capabilities in diagnostics at www.porex.com.




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